Liuhe District Cultural City

Curtain Wall

Project introduction:

Nanjing Liuhe District Cultural City is located in the main city of Xiongzhou, Liuhe District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The whole building consists of six parts: the urban construction exhibition hall, the library, the museum, the cultural center, the supporting service building and the Jasmine Grand Theatre. The design style of the project is stable, concise and neat, and the bottom layer is in the atmosphere. The whole building rationally combines traditional culture with modern architectural style, and reflects the visual tension in the implicit, while realizing its environmental protection and emphasizing humanity without losing its The modern sense fully demonstrates the new image of Nanjing Liuhe in the fast-growing development.

Project location:Nanjing,Jiangsu
Land area:100,000㎡
Design phase:Completed Construction

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